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Forkito Labs

Forkito Labs

Forkito Labs

Blunt forks of Molajo, Nooku, Joomla and others, combined with 3rd party libraries and a whole lot of original code. Opensource to the limit.

Codevore - feeding on your code and sucking life essence from it.


A project that aims to deliver simplified and logical ACL trough reusable library compatible with all main Joomla based projects and will come in 3 flavors:


More: Slides from JAB11 presentation

Joomla fork flavor

This is a public working prototype that is only rarely updated. Access to newer versions of code is avaliable on request for those interested in improving or using it in your projects.

WARNING: for testing purposes only, do not use on live site
Also install with Molajo sample data ( or it won't work :) 

Caching library

Refactored Joomla caching library with proper mixin implementation (JCache, JCacheController and JCacheStorage) and polymorphic overloading in controllers.

Git repository: git://

GIT web

Git repository web page can be found at:


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